This review is for February 25th. Mr. Farley is kind, considerate and more than helpful. I would recommend him to anyone who needs services, that requires the help of ZENNER&RITTER.

- myleta truesdale

The men came out March 20th. I am very pleased with the work that was done. I would recommend many people to ZENNER & RITTER.

- myleta truesdale

Have a large family room that never heats up satisfactorily and having purchased two furnaces and a natural gas generator from Zenner & Ritter I thought I would seek their guidance on heating the room. Z&R representative Earl came to advise and assess the problem. He was very personable and professional. We purchased a Mitsubishi MFZ-KJ18NA AC heating unit and received my Vet’s discount and manufacturer’s rebate. Two days later installers Phil & Luke arrived at the door. They put on their booties and placed tarps down to the work area. They explained what was going to be done in language that could be understood. They incorporated a few minor changes we wanted with no problems. The original plan for the 220 electric line was not practical and they re-routed it in a much better area. They were courteous and professional for the entire time they were here and extremely neat and well mannered. After installation, Phil reviewed how to operate the unit and answered all of my questions. Paid by check with no problem. I was not happy with review/feedback procedure. Z&R wanted the review to go through Google, Facebook, Yahoo or Other. Don’t personally like the first three so I chose Other. The problem is that Other takes you to Angie’s List and they wanted more personal info than the first three, so I chose this method. Completely satisfied except for the review/feedback procedure. Peter Bellanca

- Peter Bellanca

- Peter Runfola


I had an opportunity to observe Earl Farley conduct an inspection on a friend's furnace. My friend was frantic. She was having problems with her furnace staying on and heating the house. She called a heating business and they sent someone who told her her furnace was not the right size for the house and she needed a new furnace (they didn't even look at the filter). After recommending to her to get a second opinion, she called Zenner & Ritter. Mr. Earl Farley came to her home, did an inspection and told her that the furnace was fine and explained exactly how the furnace operates, pulled out the clogged filter, showed why the furnace shuts off, the furnace capacity, explained things in a way that was perfectly clear, and the call and inspection were free. My friend was so relieved because at this time of year, December, she was not in a position to spend more than $3,000. Though it was not my furnace, I was so impressed, I felt the need to let Zenner & Ritter know about this outstanding experience and professionalism shown by your representative. I asked for his card and will keep it handy for myself and anyone else who asks for a recommendation.

- debra