I have been in business for 28 years. I have never had better service than I had with Zenner and Ritter. from start to finish this company delivered. Maria was great , job compleated in one day. I will use Zenner and Ritter and recomend it everyone. thank you for a well done!

- Mary Brinkworth

- josh miller

My AC's compressor burnt out during the hottest day in June. Since my HVAC has been more than 30 years old, I thought I might as well replace both AC and Furnace together. I got three contractors came into my house for estimate which I was glad I did, because by such comparison, I could identify that Zenner & Ritter offered the best customer service, best price, and best HVAC configuration based on my home size and need. Z&B carries several brands with different product features while the other contractors only carry one brand. Per my request Z&R worked relentlessly and gave me four estimates of different brands. I finally nailed down to my favorite brand and features with deep discounts. Moreover, I did not have to wait longer to get the new HVAC, Z&R had its technicians came to my home the very next day and got all installation completely flawlessly! Thank you Brian Ritter for your excellent customer service with best quotes and Dave Zawislak for good system installation.

- Siew Wah Chai

I had Zenner and Ritter come out for duct cleaning. Brandon and Scott were very professional and thorough. They answered my questions, explained the process, were very neat and did a great job with the tools they had. Unfortunately my expectation was not met. I was very disappointed with the results as I knew there was more to be cleaned. After several phone calls to Z & R, and research on Brandon's side, Zenner & Ritter recognized that they needed to change things and to make things right with me. They purchased additional equipment and re-cleaned my ducts at no charge. Brandon and Scott went above and beyond to ensure I was more than satisfied with the results, which I was. Thanks guys! With this new equipment, I am happy to recommend Z&R (Brandon and Scott) for duct cleaning. Brandon and Scott take Customer Service to a new level.

- Bev Marra

- Eric James Mages

Kyle Mahoney, a technician from Zenner & Ritter Service Team came to my house after hours to fix emergency heating problem. The problem was fixed in a very short time, of course all credit goes to Mr. Mahoney who did an excellent job to resolve the heating issues in my house in a professional manner. I would like to rate his performance "Outstanding". Great Job! I wish Zenner & Ritter Service Tech a very happy new year.

- Anowarul Hoque